I believe Hot Springs Village must have a change in leadership and direction.  We all deserve a General Manager who has built a successful career in managing communities similar to our Village. One we can trust to guide our shared vision for our Village future. 

I believe POA leadership must be able to work productively with the Property Owners, POA Board and the Developer. Collectively, we can ensure Hot Springs Village remains a community we’re proud to call home. 

I believe we must restore the once mutually beneficial relationship between the POA leadership and the developer, Cooper Communities.

I believe the current CMP is not our future. It is diverting funds and resources that should be dedicated to our existing amenities and deteriorating infrastructure.

I believe we must encourage future marketing plan(s) and stay true to the original vision of Hot Springs Village and focus on retirees, including emphasis on military retirees. There is a wave of Boomers set to retire and HSV will not be high on their list if we continue in the current leadership’s direction.

I believe we must be good stewards of POA dollars and that no new amenities or other significant expenditures should be made until we fully understand our current financial position. Property Owners deserve nothing less than full transparency. 

I believe we must have a POA Finance Committee comprised of Property Owners highly experienced in finance.

I believe it is time for a comprehensive review of the HSV bylaws with any proposed changes first presented to Property Owners for their participation and approval. First though, a thorough review of the POA operations must be conducted so we can understand what is broken before it can be fixed.

I believe the POA must get out of the Real Estate business. We are an Association, not a real estate company.  A real estate company requires different management expertise and the POA leadership is  exposing members to unnecessary risks. 

 I believe Property Owners must be kept informed through transparency of all Property Owner Association records with the exception of personal member information. It is the law and good governance.

We have countless Property Owners with practical and productive ideas, along with vast talent, ready to serve our Village community in support of HSV long-term viability.  We must soon start addressing the issues that face us now, so once again we become united. If we remain divided and critical of each other potential residents will likely choose not to relocate to our ‘little slice of heaven’.  

Confidence must be restored to the membership through our POA Management and Board of Directors forthcoming actions. We need strong indications they are representing our best interest. The current Board has stated their fiduciary responsibility is to the Association, as a Corporation, not to the Members of the Cooperation…I believe that must change. 

A vote for me is a vote for you. Thank you! 


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