Our Village, Our Voice, Our Vote!

 As a relative newcomer to the Village, I saw a serious problem that needed solving. There was a palpable disconnect between the Property Owners and the POA as to what direction HSV should take to ensure our economic viability. The Property Owners were vocal and enthusiastic but unorganized and lacking in effective leadership. I offered my services, honed by a lifetime of financial planning and organizational restructuring, to my friends and neighbors.   

What started out as a small, grassroots group of property owners quickly grew into the formidable and influential ‘We the People for the People’ (WTP), action committee. We held forums, disseminated informational papers and helped to educate residents to the problems that continue to face us today. As a result, we had a major influence on the recent Declaration amendment election and helped to make the voice of the Property Owners heard--at long last. Although I have an advanced degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology, there are some skills that only develop after life experiences accompanied by trial & error. I will bring these skills to the BOD and help to reunite the residents back into the friendly, harmonious and diverse group that once lived here. 

 I don't take credit for the righteous indignation or rebellious stirrings of the Village but I do take credit for giving those feelings a voice, a direction and a cause to rally around. I believe what we need now is a sense of unity, realistic goals and trustworthy leadership. I can deliver on those aspirations.  As a POA Board representative, my pledge to you is…   

I will--first and foremost work diligently to replace the HSV CEO with a General Manager.  

I will listen to you, the property owners. I will stay loyal to the people that elected me. 

I will tell you the truth even if it makes me look bad. I will put your concerns and interests ahead of my own.

I will never betray your trust. I will welcome the opportunity to work with the Developer, Cooper Communities, Inc.   

I won't stop until the property owners have an equal voice. 

I won't leave a question unanswered. 

I won't agree to a solution I don't understand. 

I won't make deals behind your back, in secret. 

I won't keep you in the dark to "spare your feelings.”   

As a Navy brat, my first 5 years of life were enjoyed playing at the beaches in Honolulu, Hawaii. Soon thereafter, my family was transferred to San Diego, California.  From that time forward I lived in CA. starting at the Southern end, and then residing for over thirty years in Northern California, in the Sacramento area. I moved to Hot Springs Village in May 2015, after retiring from working as a Speech & Language Pathologist for school districts. I knew without question, I would have to move out of California to be able to afford ‘myself’ in retirement. To be honest, HSV wasn’t my first choice for a retirement destination. However; after considerable research, and a week long visit with a friend who had retired to Hot Springs Village (from California) 20+ years earlier, I knew that I had found my ‘forever’ home. In pretty quick succession, I serendipitously discovered a sweet little-unimproved lot while kayaking on Cortez Lake, tracked down the owner, purchased the lot, and began interviewing local home builders. Soon, I was building a house! Now, when I rise each day and look out my windows at a beautiful lake, I feel an enormous attitude of gratitude for my good fortune of living ‘the good life’ in beautiful Hot Springs Village.   

When you look at the sitting directors, remember the ones who promised to work for you. Then decide which ones kept their promise. When you look at the list of director candidates which ones can you irrefutably trust? Have they proven themselves, or do they only offer promises? I offer proof, a history of fidelity to HSV Property Owners, hard work and verifiable results. I ask for the opportunity to once again stand united with you, as we work together to right the very wrongs of our current BOD and Management.   

As in recent past, I have been and will always be most appreciative of all the Village Property Owners who supported the WTP grassroots efforts. I’ve gone nowhere, I’m still here to serve you!   Thank you for your vote of confidence as one of the next HSV Board of Directors.   


Lorri Street 

WTP HSV Board Candidate