'We the People' Top 10 Priorities


1. We want CEO Lesley Nalley removed ASAP and replaced with a General Manager. 

2. We want the CMP’s forward momentum STOPPED NOW! Review/revise with authentic Property Owner input and vote.

3. We want unnecessary spending STOPPED NOW! No new amenities (pool) until our books are transparent & balanced. 

4. We want Village Homes and Land Office CLOSED NOW! 2018 net expense was a million plus. Money better used toward repairs to our aging infrastructure. 

5. We want a Finance Committee staffed with Villagers experienced in finance, not just cronies of POA/BOD’s.


6. We want changes to our Bylaws with owner participation and approval. 

7. We want our Village marketed as a Retirement  Community with laser sharp focus on the demographics of retirees. Starting in 2030 (just 10 yrs. from now) all Boomers will be older than 65. 

8. We want HSV to be heavily marketed to Military retirees. 

9. We want a grocery store at the East end of the Village. 

10.  We want TRUST restored in Management and BOD’s. 

Lorri Street – WTP Board of Directors Candidate

Campaign Contributions

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