Hello HSV Property Owners!   

I’m Lorri Street and I’m running for you—HSV Property Owners—for a seat on the 2019 Board of Directors. If elected I will:

-Strive to keep our Village a retirement community through cost-cutting measures, sustainable

 growth and effective marketing to retirees.

-Bring back trust and transparency to the BOD’s and POA Leadership that has been  

absent far too long. 

-Persist in probing our poor financial situation and inability to pay the bills.

-Back the creation of a Finance Committee, staffed by talented and experienced         

 Villagers who understand what it takes to run a small town.

As a relative newcomer to the Village, I saw a serious problem that needed solving. I offered my services, honed by a lifetime of personal financial planning and successful organizational skills to my HSV friends and neighbors. As founder of 'We the People, for the People’ (WTP), I worked hard to make all Property Owners, residents & non-residents, voices heard--at long last--and to build and gain your trust. I will continue to do so, if elected, and serve you as a dependable member of the HSV Board of Directors.

Beginning in the late 1970’s, I commenced my first career in the field of Management of Information Systems (MIS), starting with Tandem Computers, Inc., in Silicon Valley, CA. There I provided administrative support to the Vice President of Tandem’s Research & Development division where I quickly gained a strong foundation of knowledge of the structure and processes of Mainframe Computer Systems. In the early 1980’s I moved to Sacramento, CA, and worked for Amfac Inc., in their newly created Corporate Electrical Supply Division. There, I joined a team tasked with transferring ‘Punch Card’ data storage information to Hewlett Packard (HP) Mainframe Systems, converting data files for off-site computer implementation at 52 Electrical Supply stores across the U.S. I also worked with a team to translate technically written HP software documentation into friendly, end-user Computer Operation manuals.  During my tenure at Amfac, I was promoted to Contract Administrator for all hardware lease and maintenance contracts for the Corporate Electrical Supply division, as well as the 52 off-site locations. System Integrators, Inc. (SSI), also headquartered in Sacramento, was my next employment venture. There I joined a Help Desk team supporting Tandem Mainframe Computers and SSI’s proprietary software, installed at large newspaper agencies across the U.S. and in Canada.

Yearning for a more rewarding career path I moved on and began my journey to attain my credentials to become a licensed Speech & Language Pathologist (SLP). I earned a B.S. (Cum Laude), and M.S. degree in Speech Pathology & Audiology as well as my Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC’s). In my profession as an SLP it was required I make sound decisions, efficiently manage an unmanageable caseload, and use my collaborative style of communication when working with interdisciplinary teams to attain cooperation and mutual agreement. I learned and recognized the importance of positive interaction while working in team settings, both in my first career in the computer industry, and as an SLP.

I personally know, there are some skills that develop only from life experiences accompanied by trial & error. As a single mother who raised my daughter solo--shortly after birth into adulthood--I know how to budget and manage money by eliminating unnecessary spending to achieve critical goals.  My daughter graduated with an undergraduate degree, without a dime of school debt, because I steadily planned for her education early on in her life. I put myself through college with the help of student loans that have since been paid in full. If elected I will bring both my education and life skills to the HSV BOD’s.

I believe that you can teach someone the techniques valuable to a given position, but professional ethics, honesty, and collaborative skills are also important attributes I will bring to the Board. We now need unity, realistic goals and trustworthy leadership. I will deliver on those ‘wants and needs’ to help reunite ‘us’ property owners back into the friendly, harmonious and diverse group of Villagers that once existed here.  After all—HSV is OUR VILLAGE and the POA is OUR ASSOCIATION. I believe I am the right person for a role in the leadership of our Property Owners Association. I may not have a corporate executive or military commander mindset, however; I do have an HSV Property Owner’s Association mindset.  As your representative on the HSV POA Board of Directors, I will be committed to you the property owners, exclusively!

I appeal to you and thank you for your vote! 

Lorri Street

WTP Board Candidate